Before you Boom!

A couple of things you should know about this little exercise.  I am just some guy in Florida, so my opinions have absolutely no weight whatsoever.  I’m not gonna change the world here, I’m just shouting into space and hoping to give someone a laugh in the process.  There are a few basic categories of pages.  There are as follows:


Regular Posts – These won’t have a special title.  They are usually longer pieces and the most likely to be overtly humorous.  Read and enjoy.

Short Fuse – These posts are shorter, usually no longer than 500 words or so.  They are more off the cuff and stream of consciousness writing, so feel free to ignore.

POD – Personal Ordinance Disposal, or POD posts are me ranting and raving about whatever may be on my mind.  They will likely be offensive, insulting and generally not fit for anybody’s consumption.   They’re more likely to be password protected.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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